The Best Full Frame Cameras for Bird Photography Under $3,000

2022-09-12 02:06:39 By : Ms. Sally Huang

If you’re looking for cameras for bird photography, you should consider full-frame. Sure, APS-C and Micro Four Thirds cameras also do fantastic jobs, but full-frame lets you do so much more than just bird photography. We dove into our reviews index to see what’s on the market. Here are the best full-frame cameras for bird photography under $3,000.

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Here’s a bit of insight into how we chose the best full-frame cameras for bird photography under $3,000

In our review, we state:

“Canon has pulled an ace out of its sleeve when it comes to animal eye AF. I have been blown away with just how accurate and precise it has been. The eye AF starts almost instantaneously if you are close enough to an animal, and it does not matter if the animal is stationary or in motion. The Canon EOS R6 has no problems with birds in flight either, check out the image above. This Egret took off and soared past: in an instant, the camera was locked on and was tracking the bird’s eye as it flew by. I have tried the system out with my dogs too while they have been playing, and it is the same great story.”

In our review, we state:

“The tracking is impressive, even when the eye is no longer visible. Tracking is much more accurate once the subject turns, so their eyes are back in the scene.”

In our review, we state:

“And the only systems that can do it very well are Canon and Sony. Panasonic’s integration of the focusing types is far superior to Sony and Canon both. Sony has it worse where you need to dig through the menu to switch from one to another. Canon has a specific mode for face detection. So too does Panasonic, but at least now you’re more versatile. I thoroughly enjoyed this.”