Daily Sports Smile: Valtteri Bottas photo gifted to Lewis Hamilton

2022-05-29 16:58:48 By : Ms. Betty Liu

Valtteri Bottas still isn't sure how he feels about thousands of people owning a revealing photo of him, but he's happy it's all for a good cause.

Bottas, a 10-time F1 race winner, sold 5,000 copies of a viral Instagram photo showing his bare backside. The prints sold out in one day and sales totaled €50,000, which Bottas said will go to charity.

Bottas, who races for F1 team Alfa Romeo, posted the photo to Instagram May 11 following the inaugural Miami Grand Prix. It shows the 32-year-old swimming naked in a stream in Aspen, Colorado.

The photo, taken by Bottas' partner Tiffany Cromwell, amassed over 400,000 likes and inspired photographer and creative Paul Ripke to partner with Bottas for a one-day run of prints, according to Autosport.

"I don't quite get it," Bottas told Autosport.

Bottas, however, did save one photo for his former Mercedes teammate, seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton. He surprised Hamilton with a signed, framed print ahead of the Monaco Grand Prix this weekend.

"Not that I don't already have stuff to remember you by," Hamilton said as Bottas presented him with the photo. "But this one … what were you doing?

"Next time I'm in Colorado, I'll get my bum out and repeat the same image. Then I'll send you one."