How to change your avatar in Tower of Fantasy

2022-08-15 05:53:09 By : Mr. Michael Ma

Customization is huge in gaming these days, and Tower of Fantasy (ToF) offers plenty of it. Players have an entire profile page that is available to customize in the game. They can select a unique username for this page and also give their character a name, so the profile reflects their personality.

When players view the profile of another gamer, they'll see an avatar and a special frame that sits around it. This can also be changed through the Character menu.

Tower of Fantasy is full of menus that players can access, which feature a wide array of character customizations as well as abilities. One of these menus is the Backpack screen.

This is where the avatar and profile details can be altered. Here's how to do so:

While redeemable codes offer free avatars, the most recent ones are no longer valid; however, additional codes may be given in the future. That said, new avatars can be earned by simply playing the game.

One option players have when changing their avatar photograph is the avatar frame. This surrounds the character in the avatar and gives the image a bit more of a pop.

Players can access the avatar frame by following most of the steps required to change the avatar:

In either the Avatar or Avatar Frame submenu, players can click on the ones that are locked to see what they'd look like if they were owned. Doing this will also give some context for how they can be earned.

Under the description of the Avatar/Avatar Frame and above the status, there will be a brief summary of what players need to accomplish to obtain the relevant customization item.

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