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2022-09-12 02:03:57 By : Ms. Jingle Pan

What screensavers are is something that has been used for a long time on computers, both desktops and laptops, as a security measure for the screen in those moments when we are not using the device.

There are many types of them, not only those that come by default in the operating system, but there are third-party programs specialized in this type of task, where more functions and options are granted than those that come standard.

Screensavers have also been around on Android for some time, but the truth is that they are used much less than what we see in other systems such as Windows.

Well, as we have already told you, we can use Google Photos as a screensaver, even use the mobile as if it were a digital frame, something that can be really interesting.

For the few who should not know what Google Photos is, we will tell you that we are talking about a service developed by those from Mountain View to mainly store photosalthough it is also valid for videos and to share all of it.

It was believed in May 2015 and since then it has become one of the most successful tools that Google has put on the market and one of the most used for Android.

In addition to being extremely comfortable if we want to make a copy of a photo, it is also a system that helps us a lot when it comes to storing those photos and videos that are most important to us.

Another of the great virtues that Google Photos has is that we can access our files from any type of device that is connected to the Internet and that allows us to view photos, that is, we will not care about a smartphone, a tablet, a computer, a smart screen-speaker, etc.

The main reasons why Photos is so popular is because it saves our photos and videos automatically, it allows us to organize files, in addition to sharing them, it is compatible with practically all types of devices and the interface is very successful, being easy and intuitive .

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This tool has a series of factors that make it possibly the most used of its kind in the world, since it is not only capable of storing photos and videos, but also has more options,

Some of them known and others that are as obvious as:

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Another of the functions that Google Photos has is to turn it into a screensaver of the photos that we have saved in the application.

To achieve this we must do the following:

With everything we’ve told you, you’ll be able to manage not only Google Photos in the best possible way, but also the power it has to get the photos from this tool to appear on the screensaver of our device.

It can be very good to carry out this action in a terminal that we no longer use and have it as a digital photo frame or do the same with one of those tablets that we have at home.

In any case, you can tell us what you have decided and what you think of this faculty of Google Photos and for that we have our social networks. Come in and tell us.

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