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FY-23 Budget, ACA accreditation costs, and 18 to 21-year-old hirings dominate RSW Jail Authority Meeting discussion

Summer Reading Club returns to Samuels Public Library

Front Royal/Warren County Ministerial Association presents Baccalaureate Service-Warren County High School-Skyline High School

Shenandoah University to host Veterans Community Engagement Forum

Update: April Petty awaits Judge’s decision on motion to dismiss EDA civil case seeking return of $125,000 received from Jennifer McDonald during 2016 home sale process

Supervisors approve 20-day extension on deadline to pay first installment of certain County Taxes

Town Council reviews $25 million in infrastructure improvements, recognizes scholarship awardees

Farms POSF board members, supporters ask supervisors hard questions on Sanitary District management transfer strategy

Town Planning Commission considers short-term tourist rentals, zoning for possible data center, asserts responsibility for Comp Plan

Town hold first public input on Comprehensive Plan re-write, second on Saturday, May 21st

Town Talk: A conversation with Michelle Ross and Erin Rooney, Samuels Public Library

Town Talk: A conversation with Donna Settle, Alex Bigels – Front Royal Cardinals

Town Talk: A conversation with Andréa Ross, Warren County Habitat for Humanity – Gospel Music Fesitival June 4th

Town Talk: A conversation with Sgts Terry Fritts and Cindy Burke – WCSO Community Events

Town Talk: A conversation with Melody Hotek, Warren County Tree Stewards, and Lisa Schwartz, Beautification Committee of Front Royal

Hometown Faces: Meet Scott Reid

Hometown Faces: Meet Suzanne Silek

Hometown Faces: Meet John Marlow

Hometown Faces: Meet Harry Bowen – soon to be 100

WATCH: Faces of Our Valley – Selah Theatre Project, Glory Bea!

Meet the Candidates: Merritt Hale, US Congress, 6th District

Lance Allen announces candidacy for Virginia’s First Senate District

Meet the Candidates: Robert Hupman announces for Virginia Senate seat in new District 1

Town Talk: A conversation with Bruce Rappaport, candidate for Front Royal Town Council

Town Talk: A conversation with Amber Morris, candidate for Front Royal Town Council

Sons of the American Revolution conduct medal presentation ceremony

House of Hope will be selling home baked treats on June 3rd

This week’s showtimes at Royal Cinemas as of May 26th

Winchester SPCA is celebrating Adopt a Cat Month

Children activities by Samuels Public Library for the month of June

Update: April Petty awaits Judge’s decision on motion to dismiss EDA civil case seeking return of $125,000 received from Jennifer McDonald during 2016 home sale process

Joint motion to continue Luckey hearing toward what – trial date or plea agreement? RSW fatal overdose hearings also continued

POSF Inc. ruled subject to FOIA law in Chappell-White civil suit – ‘However’ evidence lacking for finding of violations

Florida man arrested in possible Front Royal human trafficking case involving minor

Winchester man arrested for Second Degree Murder following early morning shooting

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 5/23/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 5/16/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 5/9/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 5/2/2022

POLICE: 7 Day FRPD Arrest Report 4/25/2022

Legal Notice: Hydroelectric application has been filed with the Commission and is available for public inspection

EDA: Request for Qualifications for the provision of debt collection legal services

EDA: Invitation to bid; roof replacement

Special Commissioners Sale Saturday, October 5, 2019: Two adjoining tracts 42 & 41 acres

Town Notice: Curb & Gutter Project

Townwide line painting and thermoplastic for crosswalks, stop bars, and arrows will begin May 17th

No yard waste collection, public works office closed – May 18, 2022

Town Notice: Road Closure – Chester Street and Laurel Virginia Hale – May 9 – 11

Town Notice: Road closures – sewer repairs

Update: April Petty awaits Judge’s decision on motion to dismiss EDA civil case seeking return of $125,000 received from Jennifer McDonald during 2016 home sale process

WC EDA explores property sales, LFCC intern program, and meeting notification updates

WC EDA takes no action out of Special Meeting Closed Session 

Watch: Royal Examiner video of WC EDA monthly meeting of February 2022

Two adults in the room: Following Thursday meetings County and Town EDA boards move toward coordinated efforts

Little civil consequence of more criminal prosecution delays in EDA case

County Supervisors change November meeting date – stay mum on Closed Session EDA litigation discussion

‘Ghosts of EDA Loans Past’ come back to haunt county supervisors

EDA gets McDonald company property as part of settlement agreement

EDA Finance Committee scrutinizes FY-22 Budget proposal, dynamics

Chamber welcomes Garcia & Gavino to Front Royal

Local Senior Center reopens with new location and new name

Quality Title moves to a new home in Front Royal

Grand re-opening & ribbon cutting at Royal Cinemas

NextHome Realty Select re-opens office in Front Royal

Warner leads bipartisan, bicameral group in introducing legislation to expand telehealth services

Senators introduce legislation to help first responders save money in retirement

Warner and Kaine announce $6.2 million in federal funding for Virginia college readiness programs

Warner & Kaine statement on bipartisan bill commemorate Moton Museum in Farmville becoming law

U.S. Senator Mark Warner: Senate’s failure to pass the Women’s Health Protection Act

LFCC President Kim Blosser awarded technology leadership award

Virginia Department of Veterans Services to host Memorial Day ceremonies across the Commonwealth on May 30

Port of Virginia secures all necessary federal investment for making Virginia the US east coast’s deepest port

Laurel Ridge partners with Opportunity Scholars to bring more education and career training opportunities to students

Fauquier Health names Amanda O’Neill as 2022 Mercy Award Winner

Governor signs 23 additional bills into law, bringing total to more than 800 bills signed from the 2022 General Assembly Session

Free summer early learning opportunity available for rising kindergarten students

Virginia conducts first interment for reservist after passage of the Burial Equity for Guards and Reserves Act

“Kick-off to Summer” traffic expected to be heavy – motorists urged to be patient and drive distraction free

Click It or Ticket effort occurs before, during high-traffic holiday

Warren County High School Graduation – Saturday, May 28, 2022

Skyline High School Graduation – Saturday, May 28, 2022

Warren County Middle School vs Skyline Middle School – Girls Basketball, October 4, 2021

Warren County Middle School vs Frederick County Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 27, 2021

Warren County Middle School vs Daniel Morgan Middle School – Girls Basketball, September 23, 2021

Buying an older home: points to keep in mind

Virginia’s median home price jumps $100k in four years 

How to spot hidden defects

Warren County Market Report for April 2022 with Jen Avery

As mortgage rates spike, Virginia’s housing market shifts 

OPEN HOUSE: 159 High Point Court, Front Royal – This Saturday, April 2nd

House for sale: 159 High Point Court, Front Royal

House for sale: 104 Foam Flower, Lake Frederick

Property for sale: 425 N Royal Ave, Front Royal – Watch the tour!

House for sale: 361 Walnut Drive, Front Royal – Watch the tour!

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

Start your day with a smile

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When to buy an ATV

What police officers want you to know about policing

4 common types of EMS calls

To Censor or not to Censor, that is a Difficult Question

The Cracked Acorn: Close and Saved

The Cracked Acorn: Old West

The Cracked Acorn: The Ark

The Cracked Acorn: New Day

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Why we should be ‘Babyish’ in Love

The School of Life: How to Stop Playing Games in Love

The School of Life: How You Can Be Too Clever

Looking Back: A Mothers Revenge – Hannah Duston

Ben Franklin and his miraculous lightning rod

The Year Without A Summer : “Eighteen Hundred & Froze To Death”

America’s veterans remembered and honored for their service across the years

How much do you know about Veterans Day?

5 meaningful ways to celebrate Veterans Day

5 ways to celebrate Veterans Day

The 11hour of the 11th day of the 11th month – Veterans Day 2020

House of Hope will be selling home baked treats on June 3rd

FRWRC CenterStage with Joanne Cherefko, Souls Tilled Like Soil

Warren County Market Report for April 2022 with Jen Avery

Rotarian Rob Grimm receives Paul Harris Fellow +4 recognition

Pours for Polio: Karaoke and 50/50 event for End Polio Now

Community Blood Drive to be held this Wednesday, March 3rd

Santa Claus is coming to Town, Warren County!

A “COVID Christmas” message from Santa

“Wreaths Across America Day” will be celebrated December 19th

Attention cyber shoppers: Support a Warren Co. entrepreneur’s dream and buy a Jarvis Handheld Vacuum online – free shipping!

Warren Heritage Society announces the publication of their newest book, “Coming Together”

Send bracelets to quarantined residents of Commonwealth Assisted Living in Front Royal through

Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 10

Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 9

Warren’s Heritage: Native American History-Part 8

Breakfast with Barry Lee – Dishing out ample servings of positivity, humor, and community spirit.

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Surgical intervention: The impacts of smoking on recovery

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What to do if you’ve been scratched or bitten by an animal

Does your child need orthotics?

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How Memorial Day and Veterans Day are different

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Give your partner a Mother’s Day weekend fit for royalty

Skip the diet and celebrate body diversity

Have you been instructed not to smoke for days or weeks before an upcoming surgery? This is for your own good and is intended to optimize your chances of a full recovery.

Toxic substances Smokers’ surgical wounds don’t heal as well as those of non-smokers. According to the World Health Organization, the toxic substances found in cigarette smoke affect the body’s ability to heal and fight infections.

For instance, the nicotine in tobacco reduces blood circulation and limits available nutrients in the blood, which are essential for healing. It also hinders the production of collagen, which is essential for skin reconstruction. Moreover, carbon monoxide decreases the amount of oxygen that reaches the organs, impairing blood circulation and compromising wound healing. Finally, the hydrogen cyanide in the smoke also restricts the movement of oxygen throughout the body.

Additionally, smoking negatively impacts the movement of white blood cells, which help fight infection and disease. As a result, smokers have a weaker immune system than non-smokers, which increases their risk of developing an infection after surgery.

In short, quitting smoking can help you recover more quickly from surgery. If you need support and advice, don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor or pharmacist or consult online resources.

Should you buy glasses online?

Cigarette smoke impacts your home’s resale value

Governor Northam signs tobacco-free schools legislation

Online vendors for prescription glasses offer on-trend frames at enticingly low prices. From your desk, you can select your frames, enter your prescription and payment details and then just wait for the mail to arrive. But before submitting your order, it’s important to consider the risks.

Cost The low list prices given by online providers typically represents the cost of the frames alone. Your prescription and any add-ons, such as protective coatings and other lens enhancements, will make your total cost significantly higher than the list price would lead you to expect. In addition, if you have insurance, be aware that an online vendor of prescription glasses may not be covered under your plan.

Fit Most online providers of glasses list each item’s frame measurements, including lens width, bridge width, and temple arm length, in their product descriptions. Some even let you upload your photo to “try on” their glasses. But for a precise fit, you’re on your own. The professionals at a traditional brick-and-mortar eyewear store, however, have the tools and skills to fit your glasses to your face perfectly.

Accuracy To align your natural line of vision with the curvature of the lens, you’ll need to be fitted for vertical and horizontal alignment. Most online providers advise buyers on how to measure their own pupillary distance for horizontal alignment. However, there’s really no way to determine vertical alignment without an in-person fitting.

Not only do the right eyeglasses help you see, but they can also help prevent or delay further degeneration of your vision. Be sure you invest wisely by visiting your local eyewear store.

Dog and cat bites and scratches can transmit serious infections and diseases, including rabies, cat scratch disease, tetanus, osteomyelitis, pasteurellosis, tenosynovitis, septic arthritis, septicemia, and endocarditis. Here’s what you should do if a dog or cat scratches or bites you.

First aid Immediately wash the affected area with mild soap and run it under water for at least 10 minutes.

Assessment Call your local health department. You’ll be asked to provide details about the wound, like the size, depth, and location of the lesion, to assess your risk of infection. They may also ask where the event took place and request you to provide information on your medical condition and the animal involved.

Treatment Depending on your situation, you may be referred to a local hospital or medical clinic to receive care for your wound. This treatment may include preventive antibiotics or a tetanus vaccine.

If your pet is frightened, surprised, hurt, or annoyed, it may lash out. To avoid being bitten or scratched, don’t touch your pet while it’s eating or sleeping, and don’t tease it by running after it, pulling its tail, or poking it with an object.

Though commonly called night blindness, nyctalopia doesn’t involve completely losing the ability to see. Rather, this condition makes it difficult to see in relatively low light.

Many people have difficulty driving at night or adjusting their eyes when moving from a bright area into a dimly lit room. If you’re struggling to see in the dark, here are some easy steps you can take to improve your night vision.

Increase vitamin A A diet high in vitamin A can increase your level of rhodopsin, a protein in the light receptor cells of the retina. Opt for orange fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes, carrots, squash, and cantaloupe. Dark green leafy vegetables, eggs, and fish are also rich sources of vitamin A.

Limit light exposure You can help manage your difficulty adjusting to the dark by limiting your exposure to extreme light conditions. Wear sunglasses on bright days, and reduce the brightness settings on your electronic devices, especially if you work in a dark room.

Massage your eyes Take a few minutes every hour to rejuvenate your vision with a brief massage. With eyes closed, gently press your palms against your eyelids. Your vision will turn white and gradually fade to black. After a minute or so, release and open your eyes.

Visit your optometrist Depending on its cause, nyctalopia may be treatable with corrective lenses, surgery, or medication. An optometrist or ophthalmologist will be able to identify any underlying issues and advise you on the best possible treatment.

When it comes to children, spotting issues early can help prevent pain and injuries later in life.

Though most kids don’t need orthotics and needlessly using them may impede healthy development, if you detect a problem, it’s important to take action. Early intervention can prevent the development of more serious conditions. Here are some signs that your child might benefit from orthotics.

Gait If your child points their toes inward or outward, or if they walk only on their toes or heels, underlying foot issues may be the cause. Take note if your child seems to stumble or trip frequently.

Feet Examine the shape of your child’s feet. If they have no visible arches, they might benefit from orthotic support. Keep an eye out for bunions, ingrown toenails, and toes that seem to bend sideways.

Behavior Your child may limp or complain of pain in their feet, ankles, or knees. Also, pay attention to subtle signs of pain or fatigue. If they seem to avoid running or frequently ask to be picked up rather than walk on their own, they may have foot discomfort.

Shoes Check your child’s shoes for signs of unusual wear and tear. In particular, look inside the heel for fraying or chafing. Also, if the toes or heels are excessively scuffed, it may be an indication your child’s gait is out of alignment.

To rule out the possibility of undetected issues, pediatricians recommend your child visit a podiatrist at age 3, when they typically develop their heel-toe walking pattern. Further evaluation is recommended at age 5 when they’re ready to start school and again before they start regular sports activities.

It’s not like you have the time to run to the gym at lunch, change, exercise, shower, and get back to your desk.

Yet, it isn’t healthy to spend an average of 9.3 hours a day sitting at a desk. In fact, according to Nilofer Merchant of the Harvard Business Review, after an hour of sitting, fat-burning enzymes in the body decrease by 90 percent, the body metabolism slows, blood pools in the legs, and pressure builds at the spine.

That’s where micro exercises come in and, according to one study, doing simple, quick moves at the desk can help you stave off illness and build strength.

Conducted in Denmark, the study surveyed 70,000 workers who had had 30-day illnesses during the previous 12 months. Researchers found that nearly 13 percent of these long-term absences could have been prevented using micro exercise.

The study found that 10 to 15 minutes of micro exercises with resistance bands three times a week also led to improved feelings of vitality and even better teamwork.

Although the study used elastic bands, you don’t need the bands to do micro exercises.

Here are some easy ways the keep and increase strength at your desk:

In most cases, if you have a problem with one of your teeth, your dentist can repair it. However, sometimes an extraction may be necessary to remedy the situation. Here are three reasons you may need to have a tooth removed.

1. Untreated cavity If left untreated, cavities can break down and destroy the structure of your teeth. This can make it difficult to repair them, and if left untreated, the cavities may present a health risk. Therefore, extraction is sometimes the only solution.

2. Severe infection Over time, a severe infection can destroy a tooth and break down the surrounding bone and tissue. If the bone is severely damaged, the tooth may fall out. Damage caused by a disease like periodontitis is irreversible because the affected structures cannot regrow. Once the disease is in its advanced stages, the only solution may be to have your tooth removed.

3. Lack of space Your mouth may not be able to accommodate your growing teeth. For example, this often happens with wisdom teeth, the molars at the very back of your mouth. If your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room, they can grow in sideways and cause damage, inflammation, and infection.

There are several other reasons why you may need to have a tooth pulled. Speak with your dentist to learn more.

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