The Block 2022 bedroom reveal: Omar and Oz's Guest Bedroom Week 10 | Season 18

2022-10-16 12:23:45 By : Ms. winnie yu

Judges liken the styling to a Japanese ski lodge.

It was another jam packed week for Omar and Oz.

The boys tackled their guest bedroom, redo room as well as a number of other unfinished spaces in their house. 

And after Scotty gave them a warning about their dwindling budget, the mates had to be extra conscious of their spending. 

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With money tight, Omar and Oz came up with a very cheeky strategy to get their real estate team to help get their home in tip top shape for the Domain Listing Challenge where 100 potential buyers came through the site to give their opinions on the homes.

Yet again, Omar and Oz pulled through to deliver a high-standard space that was unique to their style.

"We're very very happy," Omar told cameras. And they hoped the judges would be just as impressed as they are. 

Scroll to see what judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren Palmer had to say about Omar and Oz's guest bedroom.

"Ooh bright," Darren first uttered as the judges entered the space.

Omar and Oz's bedroom featured cool blue tones that created a very calming feel.

"The judges really liked the colour palette in your guest bedroom this week," Scott Cam read out back at HQ.

"And it's certainly a colour palette that suits the rest of the house."

Neale said the room felt like a "Japanese ski lodge".

He added that it was "very fresh" and "very contemporary".

Neale also enjoyed the contrast of the materials in the space and thought they were well-balanced.

"It's a really nice combination of colours, textures and finishes," Neale said.

The judges agreed the artwork hanging above the bed was the perfect choice.

"I love that artwork, I love the blue in it," Neale said.

Neale also "loved" the way the artwork picked up on the bed throws which he thought were also very Japanese-inspired.

The way all the details in the room tied together, proved acute Omar and Oz's styling eye had become.

Although Darren said the boys' finesse must've stopped short at the book shelf, which they oddly styled with objects in a straight line.

While the move confused the judges, it didn't take too much away from the overall feel of the space.

Shaynna thought this was a bedroom that fit Omar and Oz's signature contemporary style.

"I have to say I totally agree with the aesthetic of this," Shaynna said.

"It's beautiful."

Shaynna was pleasantly surprised to discover that what she thought was a rendered concrete wall was actually wallpaper.

"Thank god they finally thought about their budget," she said.

"I feel good about that."

Whether it was concrete or wallpaper, Shaynna appreciated the way that Omar and Oz contrasted its urban look to the softness of the linens and bedhead.

If there was one criticism Shaynna had it was that there was "too much" furniture in the room.

With such a tight space, she struggled to get to the wardrobe.

"How awkward is that?" she said.

Although the judges agreed the room felt a little cluttered, they said it will be an easy fix for the boys to remove some items.

"They've got maybe one or two things too many in here," Darren said.

Darren thought the room was "very well designed architecturally".

"It's just design tick after design tick," he raved.

The judges were impressed that the fatigue of the competition wasn't showing up in the boys' room.

"It doesn't feel like they're running out of energy or creativity," Neale said.

The selection of the light timber bedside tables was another example of Omar and Oz's Japanese-inspired choices.

Although the boys' laughter at judging made it clear that it wasn't an intentional design choice.

Overall, Omar and Oz presented a bedroom that showed they might not just be the 'Bathroom Kings'.

Although the judges admitted they would make a few small tweaks, the feedback was overwhelmingly positive.

"When these boys are good they're really good," Neale said.

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